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The Greatness of God



            Ever since we were young, most of us have heard talk about God.  Some of us were taught that God definitely exists.  Some of us were taught that God might exist.  And some of us were taught that God doesn’t exist.  Some of us were taught that God, if He exists, is a personal God with thoughts and feelings, while others of us were taught that God is more of a force or energy that permeates the universe.  Some of us may have been taught one thing at home or in church or synagogue or mosque, and something else in school.  There are many different views about God out there, and not all of them are correct.


            As it turns out, however, God is who He is, no matter what anyone thinks about Him, and there are some things we can know for sure about Him in this life.  In addition, we can have a personal relationship with God and proceed through life with Him at our side.  The person who knows God and endeavors to walk with God through life will have a very different perspective on life than the person who doesn’t believe in His existence.  The person who knows God and walks with God will come to understand not only that God certainly exists, but also that He is exceedingly great.


            The purpose of this book is to help you develop a clear picture of God.  On the pages of this book, I will explain how we can know for certain that God definitely exists and that He is truly great.  You will see that God is someone that you will want to know in this life and someone that you will want to spend eternity with in the next life.  My hope is that you will see the Bible is trustworthy from beginning to end, and God is trustworthy through all of life, death, and beyond.  His greatness is demonstrated in manifold ways, and each chapter in the book focuses on one or more aspects of His greatness.


            While I have tried to include everything significant that came to mind on this subject, there may be aspects of God’s greatness that are not covered in this book—it is impossible to think of everything.  At the least, I think you will find the book to be interesting reading, and at the best, eye-opening, encouraging, and uplifting.  Hopefully, after finishing the book, you will have a deeper appreciation for and understanding of the God who presides over all of creation, and you will want to hook up with Him and enjoy Him in this life and the next.

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