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Overview of The Greatness of God



God Almighty is incredibly great – so great, that His greatness is beyond human comprehension.


We can see the greatness of God when we look at God’s creation.  The creation is so ordered and complex that it couldn’t possibly have come about on its own.  In my book, The Greatness of God, I refute the theory of evolution by using science and reason, and I explain that man and the plants and animals were directly created by God – which therefore means that all the life forms that we have on the earth today evolved from those that were originally created.  Furthermore, it stands to reason that God created the rest of the cosmos as well.  In the cosmos, there are many billions of galaxies, most of which contain billions of stars each.  And when we contemplate the vastness of God’s creation and the complexity of life on earth, we can catch a glimpse of how great God is.


We can also catch a glimpse of how great God is by studying the world of quantum mechanics.  In the world of quantum mechanics, there are countless quadrillions of quantum events going on all around us every second.  And it appears that God knows about all of these quantum events and that He is completely sovereign over all of them.  And so, if God knows about every quantum event that is going on in the universe every second, and if He exercises control over some or all of these quantum events, then the vastness of His mind and His power is beyond human comprehension.


But fortunately, God also cares about every human being that He has made.  He wants to have a relationship with each of us, and He wants to bless us beyond what we deserve.  God, in His greatness, has provided a way for us to know Him personally as we live our lives on this planet, and He has provided a way to for us to spend eternity with Him in His glorious final heaven.


All of the things described above are explained in much more detail in my recently updated book, The Greatness of God, that is available as a paperback at

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